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Curtis Looney

What are your sustainability goals for Simsbury? (please limit your answer to 250 words)

If we can reduce our carbon input by 20% in 5 years I believe that is reasonable. Apple has spent billions and they are still unable to reach their goal until 2030. So 20% seems reasonable.

Currently, our town and school buildings heat with fossil fuels (e.g., natural gas and oil). What plans do you have to transition them from fossil fuels to renewable sources? (please limit your answer to 250 words)

Implementing solar on all town buildings is a great start. Geothermal is a great option if we can find a way to do it cost effectively.

What plans do you have to transition our town and school fleet of cars, trucks, and school buses to electric vehicles? (please limit your answer to 250 words)

While I believe electric is the future, I am not sure if we have the technology yet to transition work vehicles to electric, at an affordable cost.

What regulations would you recommend for new housing and commercial developments to reduce carbon emissions? (please limit your answer to 250 words)

I have heard from many constituents and one of them mentioned requiring all new construction to implement solar panels.

What would you do to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in private homes and businesses in Simsbury?

I believe incentives are helpful and sharing the knowledge of the benefits to the society and cost savings.