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Drive Less Campaigns

EV car sharing programs provide short term rentals and so expand clean transportation options without the high cost of ownership. Such services can be especially in low-income areas where rental units may not provide adequate charging access. EV sharing programs also reduce the number of vehicles purchased community-wide and the amount of local transportation-related air pollution.

Action Steps

  1. Gather your team, including representatives from different sectors of the community
  2. Review the Energy.gov EV Car Share page to learn about key considerations and find out more about how other communities have implemented these programs.
  3. Determine which model might best fit your community’s needs. In some models, the vehicles are available to the public at large. In others, like Boston’s Good2Go program, the cars are shared by neighbors.
  4. Create a plan based on the EV Car Share page and community input. Make it happen!

Taking Action





>Vehicle Inventory

>Transp. Infrastructure Assmt.


>Transportation Plan

>Funding Options



>Policy Making






>Town Fleet Assessment

>VMT Assessment

>EV Chargers Siting Assessment

>Vehicle Replacement Schedule

>VMT and Idling Reduction Plan

>Funding Options

>Charging Station Installation

>Fleet Conversion

>Employee Training

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