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EV Educational Videos

Short educational videos are great way to share information on websites and social media. PACE may be able to help your community create a promotional video on EVs and other clean modes of transportation. PACE creates animated videos such as the one on this page and other types of videos such as the one on the EV Promotions page. Contact PACE4ct@gmail.com for more information.

Action Steps

When creating your own video, the following steps will help you achieve a satisfactory outcome.

  1. Planning: Define the video’s purpose, target audience, and key messages. Create a storyboard to outline the visual and narrative flow. Platforms like Milanote  and Trello can help with storyboarding.
  2. Scripting: Write a concise script ensuring clarity and engagement. Generally, 3 minutes or under is better. Platforms like Celtx can help with scripting.
  3. Gathering Materials: Collect all necessary assets, such as video clips, images, graphics, music, and sound effects. A variety of platforms provide free assets. PixabayPexels, and Freesound are just a few.  Additionally, you can make your own graphics using platforms like Canva.
  4. Filming: Record the video footage, ensuring good lighting, sound quality, and composition. Oftentimes, phones provide excellent video quality. Phone apps such as Open Camera and FilmoraGo may be helpful. Another option is to check with your local public access tv station. They may provide video training or even record the video.
  5. Editing: Use video editing software to assemble the footage, add transitions, overlay text, include music, and adjust audio levels. Many video editing platforms are available, such as: DaVinci Resolve, Express, and Shotcut.
  6. Reviewing: Watch the edited video to check for any errors or areas for improvement, making necessary adjustments.
  7. Exporting: Export the final video in the desired format and resolution suitable for its intended platform.
  8. Publishing: Upload the video to the chosen platform, such as YouTube, social media, or a website, and promote it to reach the target audience.

Taking Action





>Vehicle Inventory

>Transp. Infrastructure Assmt.


>Transportation Plan

>Funding Options



>Policy Making






>Town Fleet Assessment

>VMT Assessment

>EV Chargers Siting Assessment

>Vehicle Replacement Schedule

>VMT and Idling Reduction Plan

>Funding Options

>Charging Station Installation

>Fleet Conversion

>Employee Training

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