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PACE Services

Helping Towns Transition to Clean Energy

One of PACE’s key roles is to provide Connecticut towns with the resources that they need to develop energy plans and take action. Our organization can provide you with an assessment of your town’s total energy usage, as well as energy information related to transportation and building use. PACE is also interested in supporting town’s solar siting efforts with regards to solar canopies and can provide a report of potential areas within the town where canopies could be sited.

PACE offers a variety of outreach and education tools: including our calendar of events, the CT Green News newsletter, monthly webinars presented in coordination with Clean Water Action, and members of PACE may also be available to present specific programs to your group.

As your town transitions to 100% clean energy, it is important to spread the news about your initiatives. Depending on availability, PACE is able to put together a short promo video (1 minute or less) about your energy group or a particular event that your group runs.

HeatSmart Connecticut is a community-based outreach and education program.  PACE works with town groups to conduct campaigns promoting energy efficiency and heat pump technology. PACE provides guidance as well as a website and outreach materials and, depending on need and availability, may help to secure funding.


Town Energy Model

PACE developed a model, with the assistance of Synapse Energy, that provides an overview of total energy consumption within a town. The model relies on publicly available data. In addition to energy consumption, the analysis reveals the level of action needed to transition the town to clean energy. Having PACE produce an energy model for your town is a good first step on the road to 100% clean, renewable energy. Learn More

Solar Canopy Siting

In order to address the conflict surrounding the siting of solar in Connecticut, PACE developed a database of impervious surfaces and already disturbed where solar canopies may be sited. The initial analysis reveals that over 38% of Connecticut’s electricity could be provided by canopies sited on these areas. This data may be very helpful for towns looking to site more solar in their community but not wanting to do so on farm and forest land. Here is a link to the database. You may also request an analysis specific to your town.


Vehicle Data Analysis

PACE will use your town’s vehicle grand list to provide an analysis of the vehicle stock in your town. The analysis includes information such as the number of vehicles of each fuel type (internal combustion engine aka ICE, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles aka PHEV, and battery electric vehicles aka BEV), age of vehicles, and a high-level greenhouse gas emissions estimation for your town’s vehicle stock.

Building Data Analysis

PACE will use your town’s building grand list to provide an analysis of the building stock in your town. Such an analysis would include information such as the number of commercial and residential buildings, number of solar installations, fuel type percentages, and greenhouse gas emissions of your town’s building stock.

Graphs of Historical Town HES, HES-IE, and Rebate Data

Using the data available from EnergizeCT, PACE can produce graphs of your town’s uptake of energy efficiency programs. Such graphs are a good indication of the work still need to improve building efficiency.

Graphs of The Aggregate Gas and Electric Consumption for a Town

Another graph that can be useful in determining a town’s baseline energy consumption.



In some cases, PACE is able to provide consultation services to towns working on clean energy issues. This may relate to projects such as the development of an energy plan or tips on where to get data related to clean energy. However, a good place for towns to start is our Path To 100 Handbook. This handbook provides an overview of the actions needed to decarbonize a community’s energy usage.


The PACE calendar hosted on this website provides information on upcoming clean energy events in Connecticut. To learn more about events or to post your own event, CLICK HERE.

CT Green Energy News

PACE’s CT Green Energy News brings advocates news and events related to clean energy, energy efficiency, and climate action at the state and local levels, focusing on Connecticut.   SUBSCRIBE

Solar Panels and Wind Farms


PACE, along with Clean Water Action, sponsors the webinars of the CT Energy Network.

Also, as time permits, PACE staff and volunteers often present on different energy-related topics at local events, including; continuing education programs, civic group meetings, environmental summits, and the like.


Digital Media Services

PACE, as resources permit, can create a short promotional video for your clean energy group. LEARN MORE