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Your team has done some planning around clean transportation. Now it’s time to make things happen. You likely will have consulted with your local COG, utility, the CT Green Bank, the CT DOT, and/or other agencies on your project.

One of your next steps is to find a company that you would like to work with. Here are some companies that operate in Connecticut and can assist with various types of clean transportation infrastructure. They are provided as examples of some of the options out there. This list is not an endorsement by PACE.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Eversource provides a qualified product list (QPL) which includes all electric vehicle charging network software and hardware providers that have been qualified to be eligible for Energize CT rebates. Below are two examples.

  1. EVgo:
    • Specializes in fast charging networks and can provide both public and private charging solutions.
    • Website: EVgo
  2. ChargePoint:
    • Offers a wide range of EV charging solutions for homes, businesses, and public areas.
    • Website: ChargePoint

Bike Lanes and Bike-Sharing Programs

  1. Bike Walk Connecticut:
    • A statewide organization that promotes biking and walking, offering resources and advocacy for bike lane infrastructure.
    • Website: Bike Walk Connecticut
  2. Lime:
    • Operates bike-sharing programs and can work with cities to implement and manage bike-sharing systems.
    • Website: Lime

Public Transit Electrification (e.g., Electric Buses)

  1. Proterra:
    • Designs and manufactures zero-emission electric buses for public transit systems.
    • Website: Proterra
  2. BYD (Build Your Dreams):
    • A leading manufacturer of electric buses and related charging infrastructure.
    • Website: BYD
  3. New Flyer:
    • Offers a range of electric buses and charging solutions, focusing on sustainable public transportation.
    • Website: New Flyer

Pedestrian Infrastructure (e.g., Walkways, Pedestrian Zones)

  1. VHB:
    • Provides integrated services including planning, design, and engineering for pedestrian-friendly infrastructure.
    • Website: VHB
  2. Alta Planning + Design:
    • Specializes in creating active transportation infrastructure, including pedestrian walkways and urban trails.
    • Website: Alta Planning + Design
  3. Fuss & O’Neill:
    • An engineering consulting firm that offers services for designing and implementing pedestrian infrastructure.
    • Website: Fuss & O’Neill

Micromobility Solutions (e.g., E-Scooters, E-Bikes)

  1. Bird:
    • Provides shared electric scooters and bikes, working with cities to implement micromobility solutions.
    • Website: Bird
  2. Spin:
    • Operates a network of shared e-scooters and bikes, offering services for city-wide deployments.
    • Website: Spin
  3. Superpedestrian (formerly Zagster):
    • Offers shared micromobility services, including e-scooters and bike-sharing systems.
    • Website: Superpedestrian

Companies like these can provide the necessary expertise, technology, and support to help communities in Connecticut develop and expand their clean transportation infrastructure.




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